Are Chidinma and Adams together?

published on Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Well, word on the streets now is that Soundcity presenter, Adams Ibrahim (24) and MTN Project Fame winner, Chidinma Ekile, (23) are together. They apparently met on the job a while back and have been dating quietly since then!

Ex-BBA Housemates, Barbz and Zainab Kiss and Share

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So I read on LIB today that, South African model, Barbz went to Sierre Leone last week to support her former BBA Housemate Zainab on a cancer event she organised. While there, the two exchanged kisses, took photos and shared on their twitter pages.


No comment!

Pictures: Man Served Jungle Justice For Stealing Ram During Sallah Celebration

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Hmmmn! This jungle justice thing seems to be the in-thing now or are Nigerians just realizing it exists?

Word on the streets now is that a man was served with Jungle Justice after stealing ram during the Sallah celebrations.

My own question is that is this the best way to resolve the matter?

Photo: Venus Williams Arrives Lagos

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Venus Williams has arrived Lagos this evening via a Turkish Airline. Her sister who wasn't with her is expected to arrive by 9pm today too.

Serena and Venus are expected to pay a courtesy visit to Governor Babatunde Raji Fashola at the State House in Marina, with a media parley and a tennis clinic to hold at the Tennis Section of Ikoyi Club.

Then on Thursday, they will pay a visit to Government College, Osborne Road, Ikoyi and a red carpet Gala slated for the Federal Palace Hotel in the evening. Another exhibition match at the Lagos Lawn Tennis Club, Onikan is scheduled for Friday before their departure same day.


Hurricane Sandy: 13 Dead, Immense Damage Reported

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Hurricane Sandy has been regarded as one of the largest storms to ever hit the East Coast. The super storm that hit the United States has led to the death of 13 persons while over 6.5 million people have been left without power. New York, the city that never sleeps is now dark.
Fire has gutted several blocks of residence in Queens as the super storm made power cables collide and generate sparks.
At least 69 people died from the same storm as it passed through the Caribbean.
For the first time in over hundred years, the New York Stock Exchange will be closed for a second day.
A lot of losses have been predicted in billions as a result of the storm, but the US is not only hit economically, but also politically as it's just a few days to the US presidential elections.
Global climate experts are already airing their views about the storm. Is it just a natural disaster no one could have done anything about, or is it as a result of global warming constituted mainly by the activities of man?
The current struggle to keep millions of lives safe may not allow for discussion on what anyone could have done now, but hopefully the storm goes away soon, and losses minimal enough to bear.

-Information Nigeria

JK introduces!

published on Tuesday, 30 October 2012 is Nigeria's first and largest food ordering service and offers online consumers access to a variety of delivery restaurants and a wide selection of Continental, Asian and Nigerian dishes, giving busy Nigerians more options than ever for quick, time saving delivery and takeout meals.
It is an easier and faster way to order breakfast, lunch or dinner from all your favorite restaurants such as Tetrazinni, Licious Desserts (formerly Café Licious) and many more. Whether you're on the Mainland or Island, you can sit where you are, order online and Let Your Food Come To You!

NaijaEats also allows you to order your meal online and choose to Pay-on-Delivery. This means that you can order online but only pay once the meal is in your hands. You can also fund your wallet through a bank deposit and order meals whenever and wherever you please.

This is a great way to avoid heading out into the traffic wahala and spending your entire lunch time just getting to a restaurant. It's also a great way to try out that fancy dish from that restaurant you've always wanted to go to but just never had the time to head there.

It's a simple 3 step process; 1. You just select the part of town you are, 2. Select from the restaurant that catches your fancy, choose your meal and 3. Checkout (pay on delivery or card)! Your selected meal is then delivered to you within the hour. It works on mobile too so you can setup your lunch anytime, anyplace.

The site is also has a sleek and appealing design and registering is very straightforward

NaijaEats is a local venture developed by Nigerians who have experienced the difficulties of moving around the city and know how hard it is to get food you want, when you want. Fried rice, cakes, shawarma, sushi and much more provided by NaijaEats' partner restaurants. has meals for everyone and the team is hard at work to provide even more restaurant choices so there is something for all.
If you want to stay updated on Meals of the Day, promos and discounts and new restaurants joining the platform, visit NaijaEats Facebook page ( ) or follow @NaijaEats on Twitter. You can also get in touch with NaijaEats whether you are a customer seeking information or a restaurant wanting to join the platform at and +234 817 032 4113
If you want your meals faster and stress free, head over to

New Music: La Tan- W4

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W4 is with a new track titled; La Tan (Open Ya Legs).

Download & enjoy;

New Video: Condom Sir (Opan Gangnam Style)- Dammy Krane

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Dammy Krane is hilarious mhen! Lmao! This video is a must-watch! He freestyled on the beats of Gangnam Style by PSY. He's telling y'all to "Lo ra condom sir!!! (buy a condom sir!!!)."

Download & enjoy;



New Music: Sexy- Essence

published on Monday, 29 October 2012

Essence is back with a new track titled; Sexy.

Download & enjoy;

EXCLUSIVE: Bankrupt Toni Braxton -- Accused of Fraudulently Giving $53,000 to Husband

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Toni Braxton fraudulently transferred $53,490 to her estranged husband in order to avoid paying back creditors in her bankruptcy case -- so says the trustee of Toni's bankruptcy estate.According to new docs filed in Toni's ongoing bankruptcy case, Toni's estranged husband Keri Lewis received the 5-figure sum after Toni's money was already earmarked to repay creditors.Now, the bankruptcy trustee is suing Lewis to get the money back -- much like John Mayer was sued for $465,000 following a giant Ponzi scheme collapse in Seattle.TMZ broke the story ... Toni filed for bankruptcy in 2010, claiming she owed between $10 million and $50 million in debts.A rep for Braxton tells TMZ, "All of the payments made to Lewis prior to Toni's bankruptcy filing were appropriate transfers for reasonable and necessary personal and business expenses in the ordinary course of her business."The rep adds Toni will continue to provide the trustee whatever info is needed to address the allegation.


EXCLUSIVE: Kardashians Threatened with Lawsuit Over Cheap Makeup Line, Cheap Trick

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The Kardashians have been accused of a cheap cover-up, stealing the name of a high-end make-up line and slapping it on their own drugstore brand ... so claims the dude who sells the fancy products.Kim, Khloe and Kourtney are launching Khroma Beauty ... a cosmetics line you can get next month at not-so-fancy places like CVS, Sears, and Ulta.Michael Rey, the co-owner of Chroma Makeup in Bev Hills tells TMZ .... his brand took 12 years of blood, sweat and tears to build and now boasts an A-List clientele -- but he grouses the Kardashians line cheapens his products and creates confusion in the marketplace.Michael fears his high-end customers will run for other parts of the Hills ... thinking their primo cosmetics are not so primo after all ....and they'll be embarrassed to say they wear Chroma.Michael says he's hired a legal team, but hasn't made contact with the Kardashians just yet. He hopes they'll change the name -- but if they don't he's prepared to take legal action.Michael has drafted a letter to his customers making it as clear as concealer --- Chroma in NO WAY is associated with the "low-budget cosmetic products" the Kardashians are hocking.We reached out to the Kardashians. So far, no word back.


New York, the city that never sleeps beds down before Hurricane Sandy

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They say that New York is the city that never sleeps. But throughout Manhattan on Sunday, it seemed as if many businesses were preparing to tuck in, perhaps for days.

A monster of a hurricane, potentially the largest on record, was barreling toward the city, threatening business owners with catastrophic damages, Biblical flooding and power outages that could last for days.

In Times Square, restaurants, electronics shops and perfumeries were sending employees home before 7 p.m., when the city's subways were set to close.

It was the same throughout Midtown, along Madison Avenue and down into the Bohemian enclave of Greenwich Village, where many of famed Bleeker Street's shops were closing early - and indefinitely.

"After Monday, employees will be on call," said Jerome Ison, a clerk at Burberry.

At Magnolia Bakery, the cupcakes shop made famous by the TV show "Sex and the City," the ovens were turned off around noon. "We won't have any extra cupcakes," a worker said.

Throughout Manhattan, the pretzel and hot dog vendors were packing up, too, often to travel across bridges and tunnels to New Jersey, Brooklyn and Staten Island.

"Everybody's leaving," said peanut purveyor Miah Daras of the Bronx. "For me, this is losing $300 a day."

The mad dash out of Manhattan was spurred by the shut down of mass transit Sunday. The loss of transportation illustrated a socio-economic divide: There are many wealthy residents of Manhattan. Those who serve them tend to live elsewhere - the outer boroughs of Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island and the Bronx.

Without public transit, and with the possibility of bridges and tunnels being closed, cutting off vehicular traffic, those two populations were going to be apart from one another. And who knew for how long?

"I need my workers to get home safely," said health food deli owner Gale Shim.


Shim decided to stay behind and deal with the situation himself, meaning he'd bunk down in his deli. He had been hearing the news all week: A foot (0.3 meter) of rain, 75-mph (120-kph) winds, though was happy he has insurance for food spoilage.

But like a lot of New York business owners, it was the flooding that worried him. He stood in the back of the deli's kitchen, surrounded by cases of the hipster health drink Kombucha and pointed to a place in the ceiling where rainwater routinely surges in.

His plan was to fight off the expected deluge with a sump pump, though he didn't know what he would do if the electricity went out. He also hadn't figured out how to get a blanket if he got cold.

On the Upper West Side, lines wrapped around the block at grocery store Trader Joe's. At Abingdon Deli, the cheese and meat shelves had been picked clean.

Throughout the day, more and more closings were announced.

But New Yorkers - who survived the September 11 attacks, a blackout in 2003 and Hurricane Irene last year - can be hard to rattle. Some delighted in being contrarians. As many stocked their fridges with water and food, others blew the whole thing off.

"You know what I have in my fridge?" said Chris Conway, a 41-year-old who lives in the Chelsea section of Manhattan. "Four different kinds of Tabasco and one jar of A-1 steak sauce."

There were also plenty of businesses that were daring the storm to bother them.

"We'll be open, no matter what," said Clarence Ricketts, who manages the 24-hour Walgreens at Times Square. The building has its own in-house engineer, a military-grade power generator and a full staff in the store.

Ricketts will pay for cab fare if an employee needs to go home. But he's cleared out space in the store's fifth-floor offices and has air mattresses for workers.

"We sell air mattresses," he said. "So however many (workers) need, we have."

One business that storms treat positively well: bars.

Downtown Manhattan's Corner Bistro was full on Sunday. The Bistro, legendary for its salty bartenders and tender burgers, stayed open throughout Hurricane Irene. During the blackout in 2003, one manager tried to close the bar - and was fired.

"The Bistro only closes on Thanksgiving and Christmas, and that's it," said bartender Jeff Sheehan.

-Reuters-(Editing by Philip Barbara)

Usher Buys $12,000 Puppy

published on Sunday, 28 October 2012

Celebrities buy all sorts of expensive things to suit their celebrity status. This may well explain why someone would spend so much on a pet that is regarded as man's best friend.
Usher got himself a cute puppy; a Goldendoodle (Golden retriever/poodle hybrid) to be precise, at a whooping sum of $12,000.
The singer attended the Pencils Of Promise Gala in New York on Friday, a charity spearheaded by Justin Bieber's manager Scooter Braun, where the pooch was being auctioned off.
Usher almost lost out as Gossip Girls star Jessica Szhor's 11k bid would have gotten the pooch, MTV reports.
Usher Raymond's got the money and he's free to spend thousands of Dollars on a pet, but before you see him as extravagant, you should know all the proceeds were towards building schools in places like Laos, Nicaragua, Guatemala, and Ghana.

-Information Nigeria

Suicide bomber strikes Nigeria church in deadly attack

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At least one suicide bomber drove a vehicle packed with explosives into a Catholic church in northern Nigeria on Sunday, killing and wounding several people, witnesses and police said.

Survivor Linus Lighthouse said two bombers had struck different parts of the packed St Rita's church, in Kaduna, a volatile ethnically and religiously mixed city. They had got right inside the building, causing many casualties, he said.

"I cannot tell you how many casualties, but there were many. The heavy explosion also damaged so many buildings around the area," he said.

But Aminu Lawal, a Kaduna police spokesman, said there was only one confirmed bomber and that no casualties had yet been confirmed apart from the bomber himself.

Another witness, Daniel Kazah, a member of the Catholic cadets in the church, said he had seen three bodies on the bloodied church floor. "But still others were taken to the mortuary," he said.

There was no immediate claim of responsibility but Islamist sect Boko Haram has claimed similar attacks in the past and has attacked several churches with bombs and guns since it intensified its campaign against Christians in the past year.

The Islamists are fighting to try to create an Islamic state in Nigeria, whose 160 million people are split roughly evenly between Christians and Muslims.

Some of the attacks on churches have seemed calculated to stir sectarian tensions along Nigeria's volatile middle belt, where its largely Christian south and mostly Muslim north meet.

Kaduna lies along that fault line, and many of its neighbourhoods are mixed.

A bomb in a church in Kaduna state in June triggered a week of sectarian violence that killed at least 90 people.


#BBViral: “Why do ghosts look left and right before crossing the road?” – 23 questions for Nollywood

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There's no doubt that Nollywood is already an established global phenomenon with fans of all races addicted to the faces of movie stars like Genevieve, Mercy Johnson, Tonto Dikeh and many other actors.

But you can't watch a Nollywood flick without having one or two questions to throw at the apparently sloppy producers who think nothing of sacrificing quality on the altar of production speed or cost.

We have compiled these questions hoping someone in the know will be so kind to supply the answers.

1.  How can a ghost look left and right before crossing the road? 'Dem dey fear accident?'

2.  Why does the TV go off by itself after the 'breaking news'?

3.  Why do all native doctors paint one eye?

4. Why must every advert Start with a loud scream?

5.  Why must every juju part be represented by lightening and thunder under the bright sunlight?

6.  Why do Nigerian movies always have part one to five?

7.  How can Segun Arinze be Ramsey Noah's dad… Any resemblance?

8.  Why will a blind mother say, "I'm happy to see you my son"?

9.  Why is Jim Iyke always coming back from America and speaking with a fake British accent?

10. When will Pastor Ajidara stop being a fake pastor?

11. Why is it that the characters die or run mad immediately after their confessions?

12. Which evil woman washed pant inside soup that Tony Umez ate and became the god of Nollywood imbeciles?

13. Epic Village Movie Set in the 90s still finds Mercy Johnson with Brazilian hair, how come?

14. How can N2bn fit into a small Ghana-Must-Go bag?

15. Must all hired assassins be found in uncompleted or abandoned buildings? 'Na dem papa house?'

16. Why must a film have Part 1,2, 3; Return of The Film 1,2 and 3; and The Same Film 'Reloaded' 1,2 and 3? WHY!?

17. Will a Yoruba movie ever be complete without a visit to the 'Baba'?

18. Study: 9 out of 10 times, Olu Jacobs dies of heart attack in Nollywood movies, why?

19. "15 years ago" and Ini Edo calls her Boyfriend with a Bold 5..=D
How is this possible?

20. Why will the parents call their child 3 times and ask him/her how many time did I callyou? 'Dem no sabi count?'

21. When poor people come to Lagos to struggle they always make it, if na so why poor people still dey Lagos?

22. Why is it that Ogogo is always innocent but must be a victim of circumstances?

23. Who translates Yoruba films without studying English e.g "My wife is a pregnancy and she go borned the pikin soonest recofa"=))
Hope you had a good laugh? Have a nice Sunday.

-culled from Ynaija
Written by Isi Esene

Lara George delivers a baby girl in the US

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My favourite Nigerian female gospel artist; Lara George delivered a baby girl in a US hospital yesterday, October 27, 2012. This is Lara George's second child. Her first child, a boy, arrived in 2oo6.

Congratulations to she and her hubby Gbenga George!

Flavour Launches his niteclub!

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The club was launched on the 24th in Enugu. Tiwa Savage, Iyanya, Kcee, Bracket were to support him!

Spotted: DRB Lasgidi in Genevieve Magazine!

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Yup! I know! It's a DRB morning!

DRB Lasgidi fans will agree with me that they deserve all the attention they're getting atm!


DRB Lasigidi @ Hennessy Artistry Finale

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New Music: Long Ass Freestyle- Boj & Teezee (DRB Lasgidi)

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DRB Lasgidi's back with a new track! This time FreshL is excluded. It's titled Long Ass Freestyle which evidently is a freestyle with BOJ and Teezee on it.

Download & enjoy;

Spotted: DRB Lasgidi at Cool FM

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Y'all know I'm a huge fan of DRB now! Well they're in Lagos now, doing their thing! They stopped by at 96.9 Cool FM to do an interview and well those are the pictures above.

-Pics from