10 confirmed dead in the Bomb Blast this morning, in Taraba State!

published on Monday, 30 April 2012

An explosion has been reported in Jalingo, capital of Taraba State. The incident occurred near government offices in the city. Parts of the finance ministry were affected by the explosion.

The explosion which occurred about 9 a.m. appeared to have been targeted at the convoy of the state's Commissioner of Police. Ibiang Mbasike, the spokesperson for the Police in Taraba has confirmed the attacks.

Three police officers are reported to have died in the explosion, which happened barely 24 hours after another bomb blast in Bayero University Kano.

Many have been seriously injured as the attacks come during the early morning rush hour.
It is unclear if the Commissioner of Police, Usman Gwary, was killed in the blasts, but the suicide bomber, a dispatch rider and at least eight others have been confirmed dead.

Meanwhile another bomb was this morning detected and successfully defused in Yola, the capital of neighbouring Adamawa state while reports reaching us indicate that there may have been at least two other bomb blasts, one in Gombe, the capital of Gombe state, the other in Maiduguri, the Borno state capital.

Source: Linda Ikeji from Dailytimes

The Vatican condemns Boko Haram!

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Following the latest terror attack on a church in Kano, the Vatican has been forced to react. Yesterday, it condemned what it called "terrorist" attacks on Christians called for restraint against a cycle of violence.

"The new terrorist attacks in Kenya and Nigeria at Christian celebrations are horrible and despicable acts," Vatican spokesman Federico Lombardi said.

Attackers drove worshippers out of service with explosives packed in drink cans, a method associated with Boko Haram. The gunmen attacked using small explosives to draw out and gun down worshippers in an assault that killed at least 16 people, news agency reports claimed.

"We must be close to victims and communities that suffer just as they are peacefully celebrating a faith that wants love and peace for all. We must encourage the whole population, not to give in to the temptation to fall into the vicious circle of homicidal hatred," Lombardi added.

Sources: ynaija from agency reports.


Toya's pregnant!

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Remember Toya? Lil Wayne's baby momma? Tiny; TI's wife's best friend and co-reality star? Well, a while back, she got married to BET's memphitz and well she's now 4months pregnant!

I'm happy for her! She and memphitz seem very happy.

Taraji P. Henson gets naked!

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Taraji's one of my favourite actresses and she got naked for a photoshoot!

Do you like them?

JK meets M.Y.Kesh!

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This interview's been a long time coming. I've been postponing it for a while now. JK met with Moyo Keshinro AKA M.Y.Kesh and he spoke about his life, music and his supposed transition from gospel. Enjoy!

JK. In one sentence who is M.Y.Kesh?

M.Y.Kesh. Errm... I'm that young Rapper with the Genshi *(laughs)

JK. What was growing up like for you?

M.Y.Kesh. It was mad fun meehn, I was a happy kid, grew up in surulere, Lagos, I thought I was going to become a footballer, because I practically turned all my play clothes to Jersey's. (covers face), aside that I'm from a humble background.

JK. Educational background

M.Y.Kesh. I did my primary education in Aquinas Private School in Surulere, then moved on to Kings College Lagos, now I'm currently in my final year @ the Redeemer's University studying Mass Communication..

JK. When did you first notice your love for music?

M.Y.Kesh. My Love for music has been timeless mehn, I grew up listening a lot of music. My senior brother used to Slam jamz for Tupac, Biggie, Mase, Busta Rhymes, Puffy etc and my Uncle would jam up tunes from Fela, Bob Marley, all that kindf stuff. I remember I just wanted to be Lil Bow Wow (sighs)!

JK. Why did you choose the name; M.Y.Kesh?

M.Y.Kesh. Yeah! M.Y. Kesh is actually cropped from my real name Moyo Keshinro, people used to call me M.Y. For short, then rap came along so I added up Kesh to it, there you have it "M.Y. Kesh a.k.a Kenshi"

JK. What was your first time in the studio like?

M.Y.Kesh. Omg! Damn my first time in the studio was sad, I was 16 yrs old then, i paid for a session and the Producer just rushed me up, to rap my rubbish, I listened to the output and I cried! It was wack! I never went back for the song but things are better now, I can fix up 16 bars in 15 minutes.

JK. It's been said that you we're a gospel rapper before, what happened? Why the switch?

M.Y.Kesh. (clears throat), yeah, I started up as a gospel em cee, but just recently I had to switch up to an alternative, because yeah there is no industry for gospel Rap in Nigeria, most Pastors want to hear the conventional choir And also I wanted to reach more audience Christians, Muslims, get versatile with my Music. But most importantly I got to understand that gospel music is a Ministry, and I have to be called. I really don't wanna mis-represent the gospel, because I got that identity Crisis, you know that kind of stuff...

JK. Talking about your music; Ariwo's now everywhere, it's an anthem for quite a number of people, what was the inspiration behind it?

M.Y.Kesh. Ariwo (wide Grin) , first I want to say thank you to those that supported the growing success of that song #teamM.Y.KESH. So yeah, I , Kiddominant (producer) and Papy J, got back from a show, and we were @ F.O.T.M.C studio, there was this ginger to make Music, so I started scribbling lyrics, singing/ rapping, Kiddo was making the beat, and Papy J mumbling melodies, we hooked it all up, and you know the rest.

JK. Who do you wish to work with in the industry both, locally and internationally?

M.Y.Kesh. Locally mehn, I hear Tiwa Savage's voice a lot when I'm composing, would also love to work with the Choc boiz, I lurv Cynthia Morgan's Reggae/Ragga thing, and most of all Don jazzy and Wande Coal.
Internationally, Adele is on my mind, Chris Brown, Tinnie Tempah, the list is endless (smiles).

JK. What's next for M.Y.Kesh? What's the future looking like?

M.Y.Kesh. Wow. The future is going to be Great mehn by God's grace, expect more hit songs, my video coming soon and I'm expecting your support (winks)

JK. Now, the question from the ladies, do you have a girlfriend? If yes, tell us more about her. If no,why don't you have one?

M.Y.Kesh. Right now Kesh is in a Relationship with Music (laughs), I'm trying work now, so I can make that special Girl proud of Me, when she finally comes.

JK. Finally,if you were to come back to earth the second time as a Nigerian yoruba actor, who would it be and why?

M.Y.Kesh. This is easy (laughs).. It would definately be Baba Suwe (laughs), and because he gets paid to drop dope shite. (wide grin).
Erm can I say a shoutout to my Kiddominant, Jarmeu, Papy J, my Fam, Friends, my tweeps, and everyone supporting my music. Loads of Love, Bless.

New Video: Ten Ten- May7ven

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The hugely anticipated music video for May7ven's massive Afrobeats single "Ten Ten" is finally upon us. Starring Eastenders heartthrob Chucky Venn and the Uniquesilver dancers, with cameo appearances from DJ Abrantee and Big P of SRE (Dotstar), the Lex Lewter-directed video which is choreographed by May7ven herself excellently showcases May7ven's dance moves, sublime vocals and everything beautiful about being an African.
The massive single "TEN TEN" which was first played on London's Choice FM by DJ Abrantee - is a clever dance mix infused with Afrobeats drums, heavy synths, Fela harmonies and a very commercial vocal sound - has been making waves in clubs and dance floors up and down the country and is now poised to challenge for a UK chart position when it is released on May 7.

Pictures of the day: Zara Gretti!

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Pictures from Chidi Mokeme's wedding on saturday!

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AY involved in a car accident!

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I'm sure we all know AY from the AY show and AY live. He is in Abuja for a comedy show at the Hilton. He was involved in an accident yesterday around the central business district and involved two cars, a peugeot 406 and the Sienna car AY was in.

The good news however is that no one was hurt in the accident! Thank God!

New Music: D' Banger Vs Bon Jazzy. Jarmeu and KIDDOMINANT

published on Saturday, 28 April 2012

D' Banger Vs Bon Jazzy by Jarmeu and KIDDOMINANT is a certified funny track! It's set as a satire for Dbanj and Don Jazzy!

Here's the link; download and enjoy;

New Music: Donkeydope- Billz

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If you're on my BBM, you would have noticed the major hype for Billz' new track called; DONKEYDOPE.

Here's the link; download and enjoy;

New Music: Ringtone- Flowssick

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There's been major hype for Flowssick's official second single. It dropped this morning and it's called; RINGTONE.

Here's the link;download and enjoy;

New Music: Intro- Ice Prince

published on Friday, 27 April 2012

Ice Prince is not resting oh! He released; "I like the way you whine" yesterday and today, he's out with "Intro"!
Here's the link; download and enjoy;

New Music: I like the way you whine- Ice Prince ft. Endia (Grip Boyz)

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Here's a new track from the choc boy; Ice Prince and it features Endia from Grip Boyz!

Here's the link; download and enjoy;


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Organizers of the forth coming pageant: MR. UNIVERSE NIGERIA 2012; the biggest contemporary showcase in Nigeria for selecting 'super talents' who will spread their wings in the fashion & entertainment industry as well as all other business sectors of life have announced dates for the four(4) regional auditions to be held around the country.

25 of Nigeria's most sexiest and intelligent men representing the 6 geographical locations of the country will be will emerge to represent various states at the GRAND FNALE to be held in Lagos on June 16th 2012.


DATE: 4TH MAY 2012
TIME: 10:00AM – 3:00PM

DATE: 5TH MAY 2012
TIME: 10:00AM – 3:00PM

DATE: 10TH MAY 2012
TIME: 10:00AM – 3:00PM

DATE: 12TH MAY 2012
TIME: 11:00AM – 3:00PM

MR. UNIVERSE NIGERIA CONTEST, combines a male pageantry and a supermodel search into one to create a super talent competition for discovering future national personalities such as film-stars, models, businessmen, spokesmen and performers; encapsulated by its motto 'for the glamour, for the purpose, for the nation', the event has been strategically designed not just to add value to the contestants but also in the long run for them to become a force to reckon with both here in Nigeria and internationally.

The grand finale venue being one of the biggest stages in the country's pageant history sitting over 2,000, the event will be promoted by leading broadcasting networks in the country as well as through the global network of Mr. Universe Model International Licensees which is expected to be watched by about 50 million viewers around the world through the webcam network EarthCam ( that provides 99% of the live broadcasts of the world.

The top winning contestants will be given opportunities to represent Nigeria at international contests, Represent top national/multinational brands as ambassadors and spokespersons, cash prizes as well as consolation prizes. They would also have the opportunity to be poached by top producers/scouts to become top/super models, movie performers etc.

BB PIN: 236BF3D6

See the MBGN Contestants!

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So I saw these pictures on Linda Ikeji's blog and for the first time,I know a few of the contestants running for the crown! But most of them sincerely don't stand a chance! #MyOpinion!! And they are mostly Igbo girls, is this a coincidence or did they purposely not put girls that are not from the east?

Tell JK what you feel!