published on Friday, 27 May 2011

1. Did wizkid really get arrested?

The popular music crooner, Ayo Balogun aka wizkid was rumoured to have been arrested for drug trafficking in scotland. BankyW who is like his godfather in the business, denied the arrest story. People are however of the opinion that if wizkid was not arrested he should personally give a statement instead of banky doing justice to that. We at JK aren't sure what's really happenin to the EME crooner but we'll be sure to keep you posted.

2. Are DAMMY KRANE and FLOWSICKK dropping out of school?

For a few months now,the absence of upcoming artistes flowsickk and dammy krane has been noticed on the Redeemer's University campus. People have been coming up with stories of them being in Unilag,some in UI and others in Leadcity. But we at JK would rather wait to hear the news from the horse's mouth.


3. Is DBANJ a stowaway in Ghana?

For quite a while now,the ace star,performer and artist, Dapo aka Dbanj has not been in the country. There is a rumour of him running away from Nigerian press. He has been "chilling" in Ghana for a while now hoping the rumours die down due to his interview with the president; Goodluck Jonathan. It was observed by the Nigerian press that Dbanj made the interview very controversial and explosive. They have threatened him so much that he moved out of his own country according to sources.

4. Were the royalties of "GHETTO DREAMS" embezzled?

Ghetto dreams the movie made about the late artist Dagrin; aka Olaitan Oladapo  hit the streets some months ago and well has been a hit. A lot of people have gone to the cinemas to know the late star's story. It is customary that the money and royalties should go to his family members as they were next or close to him. But a close source informed JK that his manager; Tunde has been syphoning all the royalties to his pocket.

5. Video for MONKEY POST to be shot next month.

The video of Monkey post the hit song by both dammy krane and flowsickk is rumoured to be shot next month; June. A lot of buzz was going round last week when photos of flowsickk and dammy krane in somewhat of a shoot leaked. But an authenticate source told JK that the video of monkey post is to be shot next month and that the pictures where from a just concluded photoshoot.


6. Beyonce is said to have released her worst record yet.

You how they say there will always be something that will finally break the camel's back? Well we at JK think beyonce long,straight,steady line of success and goodwill has been cut short by her most terrible record yet. The track; "run the world (girls)" feels very stale and is definitely a lazy effort from Beyonce Gisselle Knowles. We hope she would be able to bounce back and just pray Rihanna has not finally killed her.


7. Is Tonto dike really like the characters she plays in movies?

The ever pretty star,Tonto Dike hit the industry with a bang some few years back and has not stopped working since then. She is the pretty face behind popular movies like sex slave, dirty secrets, men in love, blackberry babes and so on. She has lately been taking up tarty and racy roles in movies that one tends to wonder if that's how she really is in reality. She has been rumoured to have had an affair with wizkid and some other dudes to name a few. But then can we say she really is tarty? JK is of the view that she is misjudged by her looks and roles in movies but we are still yet to find out who she really is. 

8. The rise of sex-scenes in Nigerian
. Is the government working at all?

A lot of racy movies have been released in Nigeria of late that one tends to wonder if the government is working at all. Movies like sex slave, Men in love, dirty secret and so on. They all have the same actors and a lot of sex-scenes that you wonder if you're watching a porn-movie. Movies like this should either be banned or rated and kept out of the reach of children because in JK's point of view, we really don't know when Nigerians started the rubbish! Konji's really terrible! KMt!

9. Team-trick tEe-shirts to hit the streets 29th of may,2011.

The young,up-coming, controversial rapper trick announced to JK this passed week that a clothing line is set to release tee-shirts in his name that are going to be on sale to promote his career. The designer yet undisclosed is going to release the shirts to the public on trick's birthday; 29th of may,2011.

10. Dammy Krane becomes most popular up-coming artiste in Nigeria.

Imagine a keke-napep driver telling you about Dammy Krane, a bus driver playing his tunes or you step into rehab and Dammy Krane's songs are playing over and over again? Well all this and more are happening as people can't get enough of Dammy. People are even hustling to get his latest records as Ijo Krane has become a Hit over night. Dammy Krane is definitely going to be a very big star.

"i wont apologize for the last interview........"-TRICK

published on Sunday, 22 May 2011

When you think of upcoming controversial rappers you think of TRICK. The young,dark dude of TOPNOTCH always has a lot of drama happening and JK wanted to know what's up with him,the drama,#teamtrick and "MRS TRICK". Enjoy!

JK.What's been up with TRICK since the last time you met up with JK?

Kevwe I've been on my grind..talking to different labels....trying to discover myself..learning new things..basically growin up..socially..spiritually...and trying to be a better man.

JK. The last interview caused a lot of drama due to your answers,how did you manage that?

Kevwe: (laughs)..I won't apologize for that know I was messing around and all can't be mad at a nigga for joking don't have to be serious all the time.That's what I'm trying to preach.Work hard..and play too.

JK.People say you're the most controversial rapper around.would you say you're just different or you take comments personal?

Kevwe: Honestly I think I'm different..I think lyrics are different you know...I'm really not the regular rapper...I strive to be different..I don't wanna ever be the regular guy..also being a rapper comes along with controversy..that's what makes it worth can use the controversy to your advantage or let it bring you down...sometimes it gets to me bt then other times..I just laugh it off.Its the controversy that makes the rap game exciting and different

JK.We've been hearing about a mixtape featuring you and mayday for quite a while now
What's up with that?

Kevwe: Oh um..we doing our individual mixtapes..he's doing "black roses"..and I'm doing "mad at the world mixtape"..he's definitely going to be on the mixtape too...we have some hot joints together...maybe later on we'll do a joint mixtape together...we are definitely going to do that..y'all just keep your fingers crossed and don't sleep on us..there's too much in store.

JK. So how's your mixtape coming along?

Kevwe: It's in the know its taking a lot of time because I'm trying to bring something classic out...I've listened to so many mixtapes...and I think rappers are really too bothered with dropping punchlines that they forget about the MUSIC..I want to bring out something know its my first mixtape..I'm not gonna mess around with it..its definitely going to sound like an album...I'm doing freestyles...r and b songs..dancehall music..hardcore stuff..and rock and I'm trying to put a little fuji joint for my yoruba people to bump to..(Big smile)...(Laughs) for real..It's going to be international men. its gonna be all over in most major countries thanks to Code red Ent.

JK: There's a lot of buzz behind #teamtrick...I heard it trended the other do you cope with the evergrowing fan base?

Kevwe: It's wonderful men..I really did not think I was gonna get all this love from wife ifeoma Nwadike started the brothers from photolounge,purple haze,gladiator,ketchup,bakar couture,st esterre also supported the movement bigtime.and my other friends joined the movement..I feel very appreciated you know for someone who hasn't dropped an album or anything..its all so very encouraging.. When I'm down I read the tweets and I smile..I'm definitely gonna go larger than the grace of God. All na God.

JK: We heard of a controversy involving your love life,can you straighten it out for us? Who is the official MRS TRICK?

JK: (laughs)..ifeoma nwadike is definitely miss other girl..but then on the other hand..I feel like its deeper than being miss Trick...we are one..she's Trick.

JK: How is school though? Because its not that easy to combine both school work and your musical career.

Kevwe: To be honest its not easy..I do a lot of work...soo much work..having to cope with assignments,projects and whatever..its really hard but then I have to.

JK: How's the homefront though? Because that could be tough at times.

Kevwe: The homefront is know my dad is late and I'm the man of the house..(Laughs)..I love my mother and my sister soo much.their my life..soo I'm a family man..I might be stubborn at times and all like every other rebellious teenager but most importantly I love my mother and my sister and I want to make them proud.

JK: You mentioned something about code red ent. Is dat your label?

Kevwe: Its in the works we are talking...I'm soo excited about it because...i've always looked up to the CEO of code red; at a point in my life I used to fantasize about joining code red..basically because I loved what they were doing in America...and all...the same way j.cole looks up to Hova is def the same way I look up to Ralph of Code just goes to show that dreams come true....I haven't signed yet soo I'm still free agent. But I'm definitely down with code red all the way.

JK: Is there any track from trick to be released soon? Because people want to hear something from you

Kevwe: Oh yes definitely.i've been in the studio sooo much lately..i've been featured on nothing less than twenty songs...I'm working on a couple of songs..not even a couple...soo many songs with my team Topnotch...and then my birthday is on the 29th of may..I'm definitely preparing something special for my fans.Working with major producers too and upcoming oness.I'm just tryna be the best
JK: What are your plans for your bday?

Kevwe: I'm gonna spend time in church definitely...I haven't been the best Christian this year...then also spend time with my sister my mum.....and my girlfriend....she's my family too..and then club with my niggass men...bottles on me.its a celebration you know..19years no be small thang..its no lowkey nothing..I'm going all out....purple haze ent and taiwohitch are also hosting a party for me...I'm pretty excited too..

JK: Finally,I know this wont be your last interview with JK but before then, what message would you love to leave for;
1. Your haters
2. Your fans
3. Your friends

Kevwe: Um to my haters yall should do your thing..iv never paid attention to haters you know..all that talk about haters motivating you doesn't apply to me..I just see a hater and do the kanye shrug..I don't ever pay attention to them..
And then my fans..I love y'all...I feel like yall are yet to see the best of Trick and know toby is working and he gets better everyday..maye is with a new label so you know he always brings that heat..and dapo is just a genius...just got outta the studio with him..and I think we made a hit..(Big smile).I'm happy to be with the right team.
And to my friends...Damn I love my friends..Like to be honest I hang with a lot of people bt then I have just a few people I trust..and I don't know how I can function without my friends..they have bn with me all the way.I'm blessed.

JK MEETS MOKEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

published on Monday, 16 May 2011

 When you see talent you just know. These four young men have come together to put up a clothing line; "MOKEY". Durotimi,Stephen,Tosin and Ogaba are the minds behind the mokey shirts you must have seen around. JK met up with them some weeks back to know exactly what keeps them going. Enjoy!

JK.Introduce yourself to us,pls.

Durotimi: ‎​i was born on the 4th of april 1993. I am durotimi bolaji-idowu; a student of babcock; 100 level mass communication. I draw up them designs for mokey. (Big smile)

Oluwatosin: I'm Toseen Popoola.; a student of babcock university. I'm the 2nd son from a family of 3.

Ogaba:Yes why not? My name is Ogaba Sanni,i'm the first of 5 children, I run mokey ,and I also have an avid interest in music and sports.

Stephen: I'm Stephen Ologeh , Born and raised in Lagos but im from Delta though, im quite the introvert, not the average, usual guy but thats by the way . . Im a BIG LUPE FAN , i stand against anything dumbing down the minds of youths, (laughs) for real i could watch CCTV ALL DAY! (Laughs).

JK:.Educational background

Durotimi: Did my primary school in sunnydale; jss1 in supreme education foundation, 3yrs in trinity international college and 3 yrs in dansol.

Oluwatosin: I attended ladybird primary school First four years was at Grace high school gbagada and remaining two years of secondary school was at Dansol.

Ogaba: (Laughs) I have been to a lot of schools because my parents moved around a lot. But in Nigeria I attended Lagos British School, green wood house, and white sands school for two and a half years in Lagos, Funtaj high school and Caleb international college lekki. I finished from Canadian independent college in July 2010 and I will be starting university in the fall of 2011

Stephen: I attended Salvation international school (SIS) primary school GRA then was in Dansol till SS2 then finished at Gapbridge Private school before moving on to Canadian independent college for a 1 year pre university program finished that in january waiting to go to York University hopefully. (Wide grin)

JK:.Hw did you guys meet?

Durotimi: ‎​Dansol,ss1

Oluwatosin: Hmm, I met stephen and Goblin back in high school . Dansol high school to be precise.

Stephen: uhm, duro tosin and I went to dansol and then when duro and I started mokey we decided to include tosin and I met ogaba in CIC and decided he would make a good addition to the team.

JK:.Do your parents know about your clothing line intentions?

Durotimi: Yh they do, and they back me up a 100%

Oluwatosin: Yes they do and are in full support Especially ma mum (laughs)

Ogaba:My dad is a bit sceptical about it, but my mum supports the idea 100%.

Stephen: well yes! they're very supportive and you cant really say intentions (laughs) because we kinda already started but like they've been great so far.

JK:.why the name mokey? How did it come about?

Durotimi: Well uhm it's my good friend jadesola adeyemo that came up with the name she made a mistake trying to say something and it sounded catchy 2 us.

Oluwatosin: (laughs)..Goblin(durotimi) can answer that It was from his friend Jadesola who was supposedly calling him a monkey but spelt it as mokey and then we liked it and chose the name

Stephen: well uhm you'll have to ask GOBLIN (durotimi) (laughs) because i was at home that day thinking for a name for the clothing outfit and he pingd me and said MOKEY i was liKE WTF! but i didnt object to it so it jst kinda stuck.

JK:.Hw do you make the shirts? What's the process?

Durotimi: ‎​We talk about what kind of stuff we want on our shirts, then I draw up the designs. All of us then look at the designs and make the necessary adjustments then we foward them to the company that prints for us( which I can't say) (tongue out)

Oluwatosin: Hmmmmm its a process of heat transfer. That's transferring your designs to Tshirts maybe if you come over we could do a few together(wink). We also have printers that do work for us.

Ogaba: We start from the designing process on corel draw, after that we look at the best technique for it to be printed with; it could be direct on garment, heat transfer or screen printing. Those are the popular methods we use to print. We use one of the methods and just print on a shirt really. And then our shirts are made from 100% cotton.

Stephen: cant give that away but i can tell u tho that we all have different roles in the making of these shirts some of us take the orders other do the designs and then others handling the actual making of the shirts so works rather spread out amongst us.

JK:.Where do the quotes and lines come from?

Durotimi: ‎​Well uhm the environment, our thoughts, a couple times we just get inspired by the things we see on other shirts

Oluwatosin: From us Like every design is frm our head

Ogaba: We come up with most of them, but two or three catch phrases or punch lines from songs, but as an independent brand we try to minimise that and be original.

Stephen: well to be honest we all come up with them in uhm shall i say certain "moments" (laughing) sometimes one of us would be in the zone and come up with like 10 diferent quotes so like we all think them up or rather they come to us at unknown times

JK:.the clothing line must attract a lot of female attention,how do you deal with it?

Durotimi: ‎​We try not to get caught up, stay focused and disciplined.

Oluwatosin: (laughing)..Mein its hard but I just try my best to stay focused. like at shows you see a bulk of sexy girls but mein I just try to hold myself (Laughs) I love it though because it's what I do.

Ogaba: (Laughs) I just do what I have to do and try not to be distracted.

Stephen: i try my best not to attract ANY kind of attention to myself as i said earlier im quite the introvert, so like it's not been too difficult handling the females.

JK:.Do you make shirts in bulk or just single?

Durotimi:We just started off so we make dont produce in bulk but soon enough we would

Oluwatosin: Any quantity,it just depends on orders

Ogaba: We make shirts according to the orders we get.

Stephen: we make some really popular designs we're sure would really catch on in bulk but because of fitting, size and color we mostly make the shirts for people on order.

JK:.At what rate do you sell the shirts?

Durotimi: N4OOO male N3000 female

Oluwatosin: Maleshirts go for N4000 Female shirts N3000 plus there's also discount on bulk purchases

Ogaba:It depends we can’t really predict how business will be but we do our best.

Stephen: Male: N4,000 Female N3,000 prices are quite stable at the moment but they could probably rise in future.

JK:. Is it just shirts mokey produces?

Durotimi:‎​ For now yeah, but we're going to expand soon.

Oluwatosin: Yeah for now...but we moving to other things very soon. (Lips sealed)

Ogaba: For now yes, but we are thinking of expanding into other clothing items.

Stephen: There's Mokey images though but im not qualified to talk about that aspect of mokey im in the clothing department for now. but for clothing we hope to go into shoes and maybe lingerier (wink) soon

JK:: How often do you have photoshoots for mokey?

Durotimi: ‎​We just started that so I really can't say but we take advantage of every opportunity we get.

Oluwatosin: ‎​We just started off so we don't hav any specific time for shoots. ‎​But we just take pics randomly.

Ogaba: Every season spring, summer, and Christmas.

Stephen: for now only when we're launching a new theme or a new edtion [WATCHOUT FOR SUPER PENG AND OUR SUMMER LINE]

JK:‎​. Where do you see mokey in the next few years?

Durotimi: ‎​Uhhm big like really big. We're trying to make it a west african based thing at first.....but we've got big plans.

Oluwatosin: ‎​I see Mokey being the Ama kip kip of nigeria. ‎​Among great clothing lines such as Nack,Nautica,Ysl e.t.c

Ogaba: In the short run we hope to be well established in Nigeria, and maybe in the long run a multinational cooperation with lots of branches.

Stephen: UHM hopefully we'll still be together by Gods grace and then we'll be, you know Mainstream fashion designers. hopefully we'll be making a lot more than shirts . . and then we'll have expanded beyond the shores of Africa. then the usual a lot of money in the bank (big smile) and a few awards (giggling).

JK: Any advice for those looking to go into the clothing line business?

Durotimi: People will always chat shit but just stay focused

Oluwatosin:‎​Yeah just stay focused..big things start small. ‎​Work hard and with God on your side you will make it.


".............I enjoy putting together little get togethers, parties and lounging basically.."-Adewunmi Adebesin (Bankhead Ent.)

published on Sunday, 8 May 2011


If you walk into Rehab;one of the hottest nightclubs in Lagos on the 2nd saturday of any month, you are likely to meet up with style,class and finesse all wrapped up into one touche event. Bankhead vip saturdays are a must for every Nigerian trying to have fun. It is a platform under the Bankhead Entertainment umbrella making waves in Lagos at the moment. JK met up with it's key face and president; Adewunmi Adebesin to get to know what prompted Bankhead Ent. and where we expect to meet it in the nearest future. Enjoy.

JK:. Who is Adewunmi Adebesin?

Adewunmi Adebesin.: I'm the same old young fly G, born june 15th 198*...(Laughs).

JK.:What was growing up like for you?

Adewunmi Adebesin.: Lovely, wish I could stay forever young. Guess we just can't cheat nature. Growing up was all good, very lovely experience, from the lego days to winning dance competitions at birthday parties, High school, Uni and all.

JK. Educational background

Adewunmi Adebesin.: I went to kindergarten & Nursery school at beehive schools and high school at The International School Ibadan and Dansol High School (Lagos) then Covenant University.

JK. Can you give us a brief history of bankhead? Where the name came from? What sparked the bankhead dream?

Adewunmi Adebesin.: Umm.. I'm a Gemini (Star sign) and best believe we are social people who just love to have fun.. I enjoy putting together little get togethers, parties and lounging basically..
Umm.. I was in ma room back then in Uni with my good friend Sukanmi (suko) listening to T.I... was really a boring day yeah so I got thinking. T.I represents Bankhead in most of his songs and that just got to my head.. The name and of course everyone wants to be bank heads (literarily).... That's how it all started.
Then came my partners Tope Adekoya, Charles, T.K & Joe.. We decided to do a concert/awards for the high school graduating class of 2011 of the ivy league schools in lagos.
It was successfull, we had dotstar fly in from the Uk, got Jesse jagz, ice prince, Shank, mocheddah and tilla man to perform...
After that Bankhead VIP Saturdays kicked off.. We have had 9 successful Editions fully star studded. We have also had shows in Yola, Abuja, Ghana and in June Manchester, July (the loud on sound concert/ Fashion show).

JK.: The entertainment industry you're involved in comes with a lot of publicity and attention. How do you deal with it?

Adewunmi Adebesin.: Yeah true.. But I just try to remain my humble self..

JK.: Enough people say you're pompous and annoying. Is that true or you have your reasons for being that way?

Adewunmi Adebesin.: I don't think thats true. Occassions when persons want to get added to my BBM and I suggest taking my phone number. I've got my reasons. BBM's strictly for my business and I have over 600 contacts which I'm trying to cope with.. So I avoid adding pple. Some see it as being proud but I really can't be bothered.

JK.: Everytime you're seen you look stylish and classy,what inspires your looks?

Adewunmi Adebesin.: (laughs).. Standard! But it all depends on self control. I'm good with it.

JK.: Your job also attracts the females,how do you deal with them? Do you go with the flow?

Adewunmi Adebesin. Somebody please remind me why I'm here.. (Laughs)..

JK.: Do you have a girlfriend?

Adewunmi Adebesin.:  I'm single at the moment, but getting there in a bit... There's someone in the picture already.

JK.: We've been hearing something like bankhead magazine, tell us more about it.

Adewunmi Adebesin.: Yeah, Bankhead Magazine.. Fashion, Entertainment & Lifestyle.. That's our new medium of getting information on the above to our fans basically with a touch of finesse... More like a mixture of VIBE/VOGUE/GQ.. Magazine should be out before the end of the year.

JK.: I also heard bankhead has a record label and production company tied to its belt. Fill us in on that too

Adewunmi Adebesin.: Yeah.. Bankhead Music.. We have got very young & rare talents making very good music. Our artists are a group called L.O.S meaning Loud on Sound, you should watch out for them. We have been working with different artists like Shank, Dotstar, Wizkid, chykay, Davido, Dammy Krane.. Most of the songs yet to be released till the summer, so stay tuned!.. You could follow on twitter @team_los or @bankheadent10.

JK.: Where do you intend to take bankhead to in the nearest future?

Adewunmi Adebesin.: In the future, we hope to top the likes to Badboy Records, Roc nation, Young Money... As long as we keep working hard, God help us.

JK.: Advice for people trying to step in your shoes?

Adewunmi Adebesin.: To them brethrens.. It's all Hardwork & Determination. You can be watever you want as long as you're determined. Bankhead was all a dream now reality... Trust me WE WORK HARD, So Y'ALL CAN PARTY HARDER!! (Laughs)...




published on Saturday, 7 May 2011


In the year 2008, Nigerians were introduced to the very pretty Modupe Oreoluwa Ola aka MoCheddah. The video "Won beri" shot her into the limelight and since then she has become a prominent face and voice in the entertainment industry. Her album "Franchise Celebrity" and her christmas cd have also added to her popularity. The friendly ever-glowing  Knighthouse star is always looking good; from the red carpet to interviews to videos she is a force to reckon with when it comes to fashion. For this reason she has been chosen as JK's style star of the month.